This new company has assembled a group of experienced and diversified proven professional beverage people who care about the future of America's kids.

The Company's President & CEO, Howard R. Hersh, has repeatedly been involved in child related causes and is a concerned parent and grandparent.

Howard is a former Seagram senior executive with significant experience in the non-alcoholic beverage industry. Most recently, he has been very involved in Functional Beverages and he knows what is needed and wanted by children. Unlike most existing companies who are concerned about the bottom line, he is concerned more about the children of America.

He selected a group of individuals to work with him who are also concerned about kids. Obviously, they must earn a living to support their families, but their emphasis and purpose here is to help make a difference in the lives of the young. In addition to having the experience, expertise and proven records of successful business people, they are caring and dedicated to the cause of improving the health of American children.

We have also associated ourselves with an extraordinary service company. We have contracted with the Wild Flavors, Inc. Company. This company is considered one of the best beverage development companies in the world and develops formulations for cola and fruit drink companies among others. Wild has developed all of the formulations for Just 4 Kids and will supply the highest quality ingredients for our beverage products.

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