Obesity has quickly become one of America’s leading health problems of epidemic proportions. And children have not been immune… it’s no secret that we have a serious health problem in America among children as they continue to get fatter at an alarming rate.

My associates and I are experienced beverage professionals, who are concerned parents and grandparents, who have had enough and decided to make a difference and help kids. We spent a great deal of time, effort and money to develop Just 4 Kids, a line of beverages offering a partial solution to helping kids stay thinner. Our beverages are naturally delicious (all natural flavors) combination milk and juice drinks with only 25 calories, no fat and only 5 grams of total carbohydrates. Of course, they are non-carbonated and caffeine free to meet kids needs and satisfy your concerns. The blend of fruit juice and shelf stable milk is unique and appealing like no other kids’ beverage.

More importantly, these high quality beverages offer a truly refreshing, healthier option for your kids and one that tastes great too, quenching any thirst. Finally, kids can drink more of something they really like and that is good for them, but they gain less weight.

Whether your kids are already overweight or if you are concerned about the future and want them to drink something good for them, Just 4 Kids is your choice. I invite you to learn more about Just 4 Kids and “what you should know.” Thank you.


Howard R. Hersh

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